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Posted on 02-13-2017


Spread the love and give the gift of spine health this Valentine’s Day!

Surprise your family and friends this Valentine’s Day with a more meaningful gift that focuses solely on them of spine health through chiropractic care and treatment. If you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain, back pain or neck pain, give them a gift of chiropractic care. Aligning your life through spinal health and chiropractic care provides pain relief and promotes overall well-being.

Love Your Spine This Valentine’s Day

Here are a few ways to love your spine and to have it love you in return.

  • Quit smoking. Smoking decreases the oxygen level in your body that it requires for healthy bones. Long term smoking can lead to spine problems and weakened muscles in the back.

  • Make a real effort to reduce your stress level. Stress amplifies pain symptoms, so management techniques can help to reduce back pain.  Yoga and guided imagery are very spine-friendly activities for relieving stress.

  • Practice proper posture. Not only will standing up straight help your back, you’ll look and feel much more confident as well. Remember that proper posture doesn’t mean standing at attention; it means keeping the back in its natural position.

  • Sit with Proper Posture. Sitting may seem like an easy task but a bad posture can put an immense amount of strain on your lower back. Aim to sit with your shoulders back and a straight spine. Ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed on both hips and your knees should be at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor. This will minimize the strain on your lower back muscles.

  • Increase your Core Strength. By improving the strength of your core, it can greatly remove some stress from your back to your core. Check out this link from The Mayo Clinic that has a great list of exercises you can try out to improve your core muscles.​ http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/multimedia/core-strength/sls-20076575

  • Stretch. Stretching before exercising is good for the muscles and helps warm them up. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible and can help prevent sports-related injuries. Stretching your back can also help soothe and manage your back pain.

  • Weight Control. A few extra pounds can lead to a whole lot of distress on your spine. By better managing your weight, you can help your spine support your body with less strain.​

Most importantly, show how much you love your back by visiting Your San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. DiSabatino at DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. to seek chiropractic treatments and adjustments. Dr. DiSabatino can provide you with more information on all these topics in depth as well as more tips to love your back.

Call our offices at 619-322-4626


Mrs. Taylor said:

Health is the best gift to give!

2017-02-14 22:12:01

Favicon lover!! said:

Love the website,and the favicon!

2017-03-15 20:30:48

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