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How Long Does Chiropractic Care Last?

As a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. DiSabatino's job is to analyze the function of your spine and muscle-skeletal system; to locate the dysfunctional elements and thereby determine what functional changes need to be applied. Treatment duration depends both on your condition and on your objectives. If you are new to chiropractic, and have thus far in your life avoided neck and back pain, and you enjoy good health, chances are that you will only need a handful of visits. If we are looking at a condition where years of malfunction has set in, then it will most likely take longer than a few visits to restore full function. Note: It takes a shorter time to achieve pain relief than it does to achieve full function, this is why every patient’s goals need to be established. 

Option of No Invasive Surgery for Mission Valley, San Diego 

As chiropractic is not the application of surgical or pharmaceutical procedures, it should be recognized as a more natural approach . The best way to think of the process, is like a mirrored counter force scenario wherein the length of time and number of treatments needed is directly related to how long it took for you to get to where you are now. Thankfully, the body always has a tendency to heal faster than it degenerated. All the forces over the course of your life time that cumulatively wore your body down to the point of where it is, now need to be countered in a repetitive fashion.

Consider the regimen of going to a gym for the first time in a long while. If you spent years sitting at a desk, and developed chronically flaccid muscles, then of course it would take you a while to gain some momentum and develop some muscle tone. The process is exactly the same with chiropractic. Chiropractic is an inside out approach: We are not taking something from outside, like a scalpel or a pain pill, and putting it inside your body. Rather, we are applying gentle forces (spinal adjustment) exactly in the areas that have latent pressure inside. By adjusting the spine, releasing this pressure and allowing the body to heal itself, we are using an inside out approach. We are giving the body what is needs little by little through repetition to heal itself and reach optimal function.