Auto Accidents

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accidents in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA Location!

Auto accidents are a leading cause of disability and injury in the United States, with car crashes injuring 2.3 million Americans each year. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of auto accidents, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, accounting for 29 percent of all car crashes. Other common auto accidents, such as hitting a parked car or being hit while sitting in a parked car, hydroplaning, hitting an animal, or sustaining a side impact can also cause injury.

Whiplash is the most common injury resulting from auto accidents, especially in rear-end and side impact crashes, according to the Whiplash Prevention Campaign. Whiplash, known in medical circles as cervical acceleration/deceleration injury, is a type of neck injury that occurs after a sudden jerking motion that whips the head back and forth.

Auto accidents can cause a variety of other musculoskeletal injuries to muscles, joints, and connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Fortunately, our chiropractor provides a wide range of chiropractic services to reduce pain and improve mobility after a car crash.

Mission Valley Chiropractor Discusses Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash and Other Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents are common in San Diego, CA. Our Mission Valley chiropractor, Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino, has been treating San Diego residents suffering from whiplash or other injuries sustained in a car crash for fifteen years. Chiropractic treatment for whiplash and other musculoskeletal injuries resulting from auto accidents starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the injury site and diagnosis. The evaluation will include an examination, x-rays and other tests depending on your particular condition. Dr. DiSabatino will then discuss various treatment options that you have, because above all, you want your body to heal and avoid any long term disability or pain.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accidents

Early chiropractic/therapeutic intervention is absolutely essential to avoid long-term tissue damage. Treatment in these early stages usually includes passive modalities, such as ice, electro-therapy and mild adjustments, so that we can reduce the inflammation, make everything move easier, and above all, get rid of the pain. Shortly after, we begin advanced muscular rehabilitation. Then we move on to basic strength training and instruction in proper body mechanics the patient can move on to self treatment and avoid clinic dependency. Strength training helps make muscles strong enough to support your head and neck and or other injured areas of your body. Strong muscles also improve your range of motion, which allows you to turn your head or move the injured area with less stiffness and pain.

The term “body mechanics” refer to the relationship between your head, neck, upper body and low back while your body is in motion or at rest. Training in proper posture and body mechanics reduces the stress on your muscles, the bones of your spine, and the cushioning discs in between these spinal bones. Proper body mechanics reduce stress, which gives injured tissue time to heal. 

Your personalized chiropractic treatment plan may include spinal manipulative therapy (chiropractic adjustments), which is a safe and effective approach to reducing pain and improving mobility. Spinal manipulative therapy realigns the bones of the spine to ease stress and prompt healing. It is also critical to break down the local scar tissue, known as "adhesion," that form after an injury.  This part of the treatment is critical, because failing to remove the adhesions in your  joints and surrounding tissue will  for many people translate into long-term stiffness and dull achy pain that does not seem to go away.

Dr. DiSabatino will also teach you key exercises to reduce pain and disability resulting from whiplash or other common auto injures. With prompt and proper personalized treatment, coupled with regular therapeutic exercise, you can recover from the musculoskeletal injuries you sustained in an auto accidents. Contact DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab Inc today at (619) 322-4626 to schedule an appointment today!


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    I love going to see Dr. DiSabatino; it honestly seems miraculous how much better I feel after a treatment. He helps me with my running – my hip flexors get really tight after long runs – and he helps me feel better at work. I notice myself sitting up straighter and have fewer knots in my shoulders and neck even after long hours of sitting at my desk. You should check DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. You will not be disappointed.

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    David Smith El Cajon, CA February 18, 2017

    My name is Brian I have severe back problems and also neck problems Dr. Nicholas helped me very very very much and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Without his care I probably would've lost my mind for those of you that deals with back problems you know what I mean so once again thank you very much Dr. Nick and I will see you soon.

    Brian Foxworth, San Diego, CA February 16, 2016