Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy

Are you struggling with chronic pain or is your body slow to heal after an injury? If so, you may benefit from a combination of chiropractic therapy and myofascial release/trigger point therapy. Research studies conclusively find that patients receiving chiropractic therapy attain far better outcomes with the addition of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Dr. DiSabatino is passionate about providing the highest quality care and most effective, drug-free pain management treatments for his patients. That’s why we offer this integrated approach to treatment at our Mission Valley, San Diego chiropractic practice.

Why San Diego Myofascial Treatment is Essential for Effective Pain Management

women receiving myofascial release therapyMyofascial release and trigger point therapy play a critical role in the healing process for many different pain conditions, including lower back pain, chronic neck pain and cervicogenic (secondary) headaches. Fascia is the soft tissue portion of the body’s connective tissues surrounds and supports the muscles. Fascia can become restricted due to overuse, trauma and inactivity, leading to chronic inflammation, pain and irritation. While relaxing the muscles can provide temporary relief, as long as the fascia stays tightened and constricted, the muscles will continue to feel “stuck”. Myofascial release allows the fascia to lengthen and reshape into functional patterns, release stuck tension for long-lasting postural change.

A trigger point is an area within muscle tissue that causes referral pain at other parts of the body. For example, a constriction in the upper back may lead to referral pain in the neck that produces a sharp, intense ache. By releasing the trigger point, you can experience a significant decrease in pain after just a few treatments.

Myofascial Release: What to Expect at Our Mission Valley,
San Diego Practice

Dr. DiSabatino performs an advanced form of muscle release therapy at his Mission Valley, San Diego CA practice that one enthusiastic patient even likened to “massage on steroids”. His style of myofascial release and trigger point therapy is highly successful at reducing the chronic, intractable muscular and ligament pain associated with recurring muscle spasms and cramping.

As a highly skilled practitioner, Dr. DiSabatino will identify the area of weakness and dysfunction, proceeding to work with the patient to put him or her on the road of speedy recovery. During a mysofascial release treatment, we apply deep, sustained pressure and slow, focused strokes to the affected connective tissues. We may also focus on specific trigger points within the body’s muscles.

Real Pain Relief Starts Today: Call (619) 322-4626!

Do you wake up feeling stiff or sore in the morning? Do you experience recurring pain and discomfort throughout the day that affects your ability to live an active life? Dr. DiSabatino can help. Most people suffering from issues that bring them into the chiropractic or physical therapy office have muscle issues that need to be released.

Myofascial release and trigger point therapy are essential for enhanced pain management. The effects from this process of intense muscle release are very quick – most patients are surprised by how quickly their muscles relax, even after months or years of chronic pain!

Take the first step to real pain relief today. Call (619) 322-4626 to schedule your appointment with our Mission Valley CA chiropractor today.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I love going to see Dr. DiSabatino; it honestly seems miraculous how much better I feel after a treatment. He helps me with my running – my hip flexors get really tight after long runs – and he helps me feel better at work. I notice myself sitting up straighter and have fewer knots in my shoulders and neck even after long hours of sitting at my desk. You should check DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. You will not be disappointed.

    Carly Rae, La Jolla, CA

    I have recommended my friends with pain and injury to DiSabatino Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. and will continue to do so because of the great results!

    David Smith El Cajon, CA February 18, 2017

    My name is Brian I have severe back problems and also neck problems Dr. Nicholas helped me very very very much and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Without his care I probably would've lost my mind for those of you that deals with back problems you know what I mean so once again thank you very much Dr. Nick and I will see you soon.

    Brian Foxworth, San Diego, CA February 16, 2016