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Common Perceptions Regarding Chiropractic

Most San Diego residents that I have the opportunity to speak with whom are not yet acquainted with chiropractic and what we chiropractors do, think of chiropractic above all as a treatment for neck and back pain. Actually, the great results people derive from chiropractic treatment in San Diego and world-wide relative to neck and back pain are merely a positive by-product of the underlying benefits of chiropractic adjustments. The ultimate benefits of chiropractic are actually more fundamental to who we are as biological creatures. To put this into perspective, so you can understand more fully what chiropractic is, and its essential role in health and wellness, I will digress a bit:

Why do chiropractors work with the spine?

Imagine yourself sitting in a biology lab, looking through a microscope, studying the human embryo at month one. You notice in the middle of the plasmic gel something taking on a form. What is that?  That is the “neural groove,” i.e., primitive spinal cord.  In other words, the first item to take distinguishable shape in the human body is the spinal cord. So you see, the spine is central to everything human. It is primary, in that it is the first organ to develop, and is of primary importance to everything else in our biological existence. So as we develop into full human beings, the spine plays the central role in everything human.

The spine as the Ultimate Information Superhighway.

 Not only is the spinal cord the first organ to develop in the human embryo, but it also continues to play the central role in everything we do at every moment throughout our entire life. At every moment billions of messages are sent back and forth from our brain, via the spine, regulating our physical and mental existence. The brain and spinal cord are constantly sending messages to all the cells and tissues of the body, in a similar way that a computer CPU channels information through a hard-drive to all the components and software system in your computer.  So then, why are chiropractors so concerned with the spine? It should make sense now, right? Your spine channels all of the information to all your cells, tissues, glands, of your body.  We chiropractors are concerned with keeping this primary channel open, with a free flow of communication so that the body can function at 100%. It just so happens that human beings are the most dynamic creatures on earth. Not only are we dynamic, both mentally and physically engaging in all sorts of stressful maneuvers at every moment; we are also the only creatures that are biped, i.e., the only organisms walking upright on two-legs. This compromise in design between function and stability explains why so many people suffer from neck and back pain. Yet the neck and back pain issue just scratches the surface in understanding the constant assault on the spine nature bequeaths to us and the role of chiropractic therein.  As chiropractors, while we are very concerned to alleviate neck and back pain, this process of pain reduction occurs secondary to what chiropractors do by adjusting the spine and removing the constant pressure caused by a dynamic existence.  In this way, chiropractic adjustments play a central role, not only in pain reduction, but we work hard to keep the channel of communication -- that ultimate, human information superhighway – open, so that your body can function closer to the one-hundred percent that it should.

To experience how chiropractic care can improve your life in so many amazing ways, please come visit us at our chiropractic office in Mission Valley, San Diego.