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Spinal Active Release Therapy

Dr. DiSabatino’s  clinical experiences early on in his career taught him something of profound importance: That while restoring the optimal function of the joints of the spine and extremities is vital to decrease pain, as well as critical for overall health and improved function of his patients, often times resolution of muscle tension lagged behind that of the adjusted spine. So in 2003 Dr. DiSabatino enrolled in the spinal active release certification program to provide a sound basis in dealing with the myriad of muscular issues that his patients presented with.  Dr. DiSabatino found the theory and application of spinal active release therapy of high value in terms of outcome resolution of patient symptoms and comfort level of patients receiving the therapy. The genius behind this method and the proprietor (Active Release Therapy is trademarked and proprietary) is that muscle therapy is best provided while applying a horizontal tension simultaneous to activating the target muscle. Active release therapy, and associated therapy modalities have had far reaching effects on patient treatment outcomes and profoundly impacted treatment for competitive sports injuries.

DiSabatino chose not to be a “purist,” in terms of the philosophy and application of spinal active release therapy, but rather over time he chose to amalgamate active release into an overall arsenal of therapeutic modalities to be applied dependent on the right time, and the right place.  The primary clinical aim of Dr. DiSabatino is to relieve the patient of their bodily aches and pains. After this, the goal is to improve function and keep the pain from coming back.  Dr. DiSabatino knows that above all else, people want their pain to be gone. Much of the pain and discomfort that patients present with in chiropractic offices are located in the muscles. That is to say, when asking a patient to point to the location of the pain, most often (and I invite you to test this on yourself) he/she ends up placing the finger on a muscle area.

It can get more complicated here because muscles work with so many other parts of your body. They are encapsulated by fascia tissue, and enjoin tendons. Muscles are highly innervated from peripheral nerves incoming from the spinal nerve roots. They are provided nourishment from capillaries and linked to body parts by connective tissues. The point is that no therapeutic application is performed in isolation. The end goal is pain relief, and improved function. In active release therapy, as well as muscle treatments in general, we accomplish this by clearing the muscle tension, treating any nerve entrapment issues, and restoring full function. Pain is after all the body letting us know that its function is compromised. Ultimately a clinical method for addressing active muscle trigger points is of the highest value. Every day in San Diego tens of thousands of people are trying to deal with their muscular aches and pains. Dr. DiSabatino has an outstanding comprehension of what causes muscle pain, and how to get rid of it for good. Spinal active release therapy, like all therapy modalities Dr. DiSabatino employs in his Mission Valley, San Diego office, feels great while it is happening, and afterward the pain goes away. Whether you are a top ranking athlete, or someone suffering from repetitive muscular trauma from prolonged keyboard usage, Dr. DiSabatino can get the results you want and need to live a more enjoyable physical existence.